Advertising For The Win

There are some great things to love about advertising. All of them are directly below this blog description.

Written by Greg Rutter, who rules.

Oct 19



IKEA “Playin’ With My Friends”

I love every part of this.


May 15



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Mar 13



Attaway, Guinness.

Mar 06


Dollar Shave Club – “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”

Sometimes the most persuasive ads are from people that clearly have no idea what they’re doing.

Feb 29



Last Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock (“Leap Day”) was one of the best in the show’s entire history.

And you can watch it for free online for a while.

Please find 22 minutes of your Saturday or Sunday to watch one of the finest pieces of television comedy writing I’ve ever seen. Such a great idea. So tight. So many jokes.

Happy Leap Day everyone. I can do whatever I want because it doesn’t matter!

Do yourself a favor and watch this episode of 30 Rock from last week. It might be the single best 23 minutes of writing in the history of writing. 

Feb 28



‘thank you sharp objects’, the raddest of promos from help remedies for their new initiative.

watch watch watch.


Jan 22


CCAA - “Megan ou Mike”

Somewhere off the coast of Brazil is a small archipelago where each island is inhabited only by clones of a single ridiculous celebrity.

I would like to go there.

Dec 19


Dec 14


Nailed it.

Nailed it.

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Dec 06


It’s quite possible that some day the time difference between culture creation, culture consumption and culture emulation will be so fast that we’ll no longer be able to tell if those creating cultural artifacts are actually creating them or just emulating something else endlessly precise.

With this piece of content we may have just reached that point.